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Math Resources


Log in to Envision math on to gain access to the following:

  • A digital version of your child's math textbook to review explanations and practice problems.
  • A "Search" feature in the menu bar that will allow you to find materials for specific topics such as "multiplication".
  • Games, videos, quizzes and more that will provide your child with further math practice from home.

Contact your child's teacher to request your child's username and password and follow the instructions below.

Be sure to check out these other math websites as well!  (for games in language arts and math with immediate feedback)

Instructions for the Envision Math Website:


1. Log in using username and password.
           i. Click on the class book.
          ii. Click on a Unit or Chapter to view it.


2. Click on Search at the top of the page.
           i. Type a keyword into the search field to find activities on a particular topic.


3. Click on Explore in the top right hand corner.
           i. Click on a Topic from the Table of Contents.
          ii. Click on a Lesson within that Topic.
                                 On the left side you will find a menu of the following:
                                        Learn (instructional videos)
                                       Guided Practice (step by step sample problems)
                                       Independent Practice* (printable worksheets)
                                       Problem Solving* (word problems)

*Please note that there are no correct answers provided for children to check their own work. Please be sure to check your child’s work to ensure that they are not practicing their math incorrectly.